What is Solavei?

Solavei is a new 4G network that offers one of the lowest cost packages for voice, data and texts. Now Solavei is turning cellular tarriff pricing on its head by offering credits for every three friends you refer to their service. This can give you a free 4G service, but can also put extra money into your pocket every month with their residual income plan. Awesome, eh?

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What is Solavei? (Solavei Videos)

Solavei™ is a pioneering partnership between T-mobile and Solavei to bring the latest in fast and unlimited 4G data, text and talk plans at a competitive price.

Who Are The People Behind Solavei™?

Solavei™ has been formed from the best and brightest across a number of industries. The leadership team represents some of the top executives from many top tier companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.
This deep knowledge base has been invaluable in helping to create a new kind of telecoms company where thinking outside the box is commonplace.

Solavei Leadership Team

How does Solavei™ work?

Solavei™ has a totally new approach to marketing. Spreading the word about their product at a grass roots level, instead of with a big marketing spend. Strong word of mouth advertising, as well as a compelling perpetual income generating opportunity for those that choose to participate, are expected to put Solavei™ on the fast track to accelerated success.
The benefits of the Solavei™ service offering, is that by reducing the operational costs by cutting out media advertizing expenses, the savings can be passed on to the consumer through lower prices than many of Solavei’s competitors. Additionally, customers are incentivized to refer friends and family into the network, because they are personally compensated when they help the network to expand its customer base. Check out this link for a more detailed version of How Solavei Works.

How much will the service cost?

The initial startup cost includes two $49 dollar payments for the activation fee and the first month of service. Also if you do not have a phone that will work on the Solavei network, you will have to buy a new phone from Solavei which starts at 160 dollars.

What are prices and types of phones I can purchase from Solavei?

Solavei will have a choice between 3 brand new, Android smart phones or the option of purchasing a SIM card and bringing your own phone to the Solavei Network.

 What do you get when you join Solavei™?

Joining up with Solavei grants you access to “The Lane.” This is their extensive back office operation to help grow your expanding network of contacts and facilitate fast growth in referrals. Inside “The Lane” web site, online training material, marketing material and other resources support your efforts to build out your personal network of contacts.
With the various capabilities of the web site is the ability to send out personalized submissions to invite other people to join the network. You can easily keep track of how successful your personal marketing campaigns are. Monitor how effective you are being in recruiting people into your personal network and see how effective your own network is being in recruiting new customers into the network too. All the tools you need to create a growing low maintenance income stream are available.

What is The Lane?

How Do You Get Connected to the Solavei™ Network?

When Solavei™ launches shortly, customers will initially have the choice of purchasing one of three different brand new Android smartphones or to simply purchase a Solavei SIM card and join the Solavei™ Network.

Can you keep your old phone number and your existing phone?

Explanation Document

Yes, you can keep your old number.
However, it is CRITICAL TO KEEP YOUR EXISTING CELLULAR ACCOUNT OPEN until you have successfully transferred your cell phone number across to the Solavei™ network. If you do not do so, you could lose your existing number, so this is an important step to remember.
Once you receive the Solavei SIM card which is compatible with your cell phone or you have purchased a new Android phone from Solavei, then instructions will be sent by email to explain how to transfer your cell phone number across from your old network to the Solavei network for use with your phone. After the number has been successfully ported across, then it is safe to cancel the service with your old cellular carrier.

If you have a phone through AT&T or T-Mobile, then you can use your exiting phone. Most of AT&T and T-Mobile phones are GSM phones which are compatible to the Solavei network.  Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile phones run on CDMA technology and will not work on the Solavei network.   It is possible to unlock the Sprint and Verizon Iphones. You will need to use a SIM card modification tool found here: www.gevey.com

Please if you have any GSM phone, they must be unlocked to work once you get your Solavei Sim Card.

With the Iphone, you will be able to use a Solavei SIM card and get a quality voice and text experience with data at 2G / EDGE speeds.

A complete list of the currently supported phones is available from the web site linked below. Solavei Support Phones.

What does the Unlimited Plan include?

Unlimited Voice includes unlimited incoming calls along with unlimited outgoing calls to any domestic U.S phone number when inside the U.S. (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands).
Unlimited Text includes unlimited incoming text messages along with unlimited outgoing texts to any domestic or international mobile number when inside the U.S. Unlimited texting also includes picture and video messages anywhere in the U.S. (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands).
Unlimited Data within the U.S., keeps you free from overages while sharing Solavei in the community, on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else. No additional charges regardless of the amount of data used. This includes Unlimited Tethering.  Data speeds will reduce when the amount of data used exceeds 4GBs or when roaming domestically off of the Solavei network. Speeds reduce to a 2G data experience in these situations (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands).

What are the Included services with the Unlimited Plan?

The following is a list of included services:
• 3-Way Conference Calling supports conference calling with 2 additional lines for a 3-way discussion.
• 411 is a free service that provides address and phone number look up.
• Call Forwarding allows members to forward all calls to voicemail.
• Caller ID displays the phone number calling. When the phone number is pre-programmed into the phone’s contact list the phone will display the pre-programmed name.
• Call Waiting alerts you when on an active phone call that another incoming call is coming in. Call waiting provides the ability to place the current call on hold and answer the new incoming call.
• Voicemail provides standard voicemail services with the ability for callers to leave a voicemail and for members to retrieve voicemails.

What are the add-on services to the Unlimited Plan?
• International Long Distance will be available as a ‘Pay As You Go’ add on service in $10 increments.
• The plan enables calling to landline and mobile numbers in over 200 countries at competitive rates with other International Long Distance card providers and much cheaper rates overall than with mobile carriers in the U.S.
• A list of countries and pay as you go per minute rates will be available shortly.

Is there a contract when you sign up for the service?

The service is free of a contract and can be canceled at any time.

How are WIFI Calling, Visual Voicemail, and International Roaming made available through the Solavei Network?

While these services are not immediately available from Solavei directly, options are available in the market to still meet your needs.
• The Android Market offers thousands of additional services for free that can be leveraged to meet your needs. For example:
◦ WiFi Calling: Free Google+ app supports unlimited WiFi calling over a data connection
◦ Visual Voicemail: Free Visual Voicemail Plus and Free YouMail Visual Voicemail provide a visual voicemail option
• International Roaming: With your Solavei unlocked GSM phone you can take your phone international and insert an international prepaid SIM card local to the country you are visiting. Pay only for what you need and never worry about surprise roaming costs!

Does Solavei™ Have a Family Plan?

Yes, Solavei™ is pleased to offer a family plan which can encombass up to six people in a single plan. For those under the age of 18, they can only be included in a plan when one of their parents or their approved guardian are on the account with them.

Which cell towers will the Solavei Network use?

Solavei users will be using T-Mobile and AT&T towers, and there is absolutely no roaming charge involved when using this phone service.

How will my phone be serviced or repaired under Solavei?

Solavei provides a comprehensive Equipment Support Center at support.solavei.com and within the support section of the Solavei Community. They will direct you on where you can have your phone repaired.  Members can find Solavei common procedures as well as troubleshooting for a wide variety of GSM phones. In the event that the phone is defective, broken or needs repair members who brought their own phone would need to work directly with the manufacturer of the phone.

How do you unlock your phone to use on the Solavei™ Network?

Occasionally, a pre-owned cell phone is locked to one particular cell phone network (usually because the network sold the phone to the customer directly). A helpful web site, ReleaseMyCode.com, can assist in providing a code that will unlock the phone so that it can be joined to another cellular network.

Where can I buy a cheap unlocked GSM Android phone to use on the Solavei Network?

I recommend searching through these following websites to purchase a cheap android phone.



How can I unlock my AT&T Iphone?

Please see below for the AT&T iPhone Unlock Online Form from the AT&T website.
There is no need to talk to a customer service rep. Just simply fill out the form if you meet these following requirements:

Quote  from AT&T:
● A current AT&T customer or a former AT&T customer who can provide the phone number or account number for the account
● The iPhone was designed for use on AT&T’s network
● All contract obligations, including any term commitment, associated with the device to be unlocked have been fully satisfied
● The iPhone has not been reported lost or stolen.
Each account gets 5 unlocks per year, and each unlock could take up to 5-7 business days to complete.


Do I need to unlock my T-mobile phone for Solavei?

No.  T-mobile phones do not need to be unlocked to work with a Solavei SIM card. Solavei is a MVNO of T-mobile. We could get into the definition of MVNO but for the sake of space if you wish to learn more check this link out.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_virtual_network_operator

Can I access the Solavei Mobile App from my unlocked phone?

You will not have access to the Solavei mobile app, and members will need to login to the Solavei Community from a desktop browser.

Can I interchange my Solavei SIM between my two phones and still keep both services?

Yes. You can change the SIM card as often as you wish whichever SIM you have in the phone that will be the active service.

Where can I sell my phone that isn’t compatible to the Solavei network?

I recommend visiting these websites to compare offers for your phone’s value in order to purchase a Solavei compatible phone.




What is Solavei™’s Compensation Plan?

Solavei has four different layers of compensation. These include early incentives to grow your network faster in the first sixty days, as well as longer term bonuses and incentive payments as you can reach certain sales thresholds. At the top level, it will be possible to earn as much as $20,000 per month. Check out Solavei’s Compensation Plan.

What are Solavei’s Membership Options?

There are 3 types of Solavei members.  A service member is someone that uses Solavei service only which is $49/month.  A social member is someone who is a service member and also participates in the compensation plan which is $49/month.  Social Member without service is someone who chooses only to participate in the compensation plan. These members must pay an annual fee of $149 to participate in the compensation plan.


How Much Money Can you Make referring others to use the Solavei™ Cell Plan?

The amount you can make depends on how much time you put into developing out your network of contacts.
For example, for referring 6 people to the Solavei™ network, Solavei™ would cut a check to you for $150. Then each month that the six people remain with the network, an additional $40 would be paid as a residual monthly payment.
In addition, your monthly income with Solavei™ can keep growing when people in your network successfully recruit their own people to the network. Your income can therefore grow very quickly if you put the effort in.

How can you find out if the Solavei™ Network provides service in your area?

A coverage map is provided on our website linked below, and you can enter your home address to confirm that your area has Solavei network coverage.

How do I access the web with an iPhone on Solavei? What is the APN?

We have created a special data configuration file for the iPhone. Please enable WIFI on your device and visit: http://solaveiapn.com from your iPhone. After you install the Solavei APN disable WIFI and disable 3G. You should now be able to access the web at 2G/EDGE speeds on the Solavei network.

How will you be able to start your website to begin advertising on the web?

Solavei is offering a free WordPress website template and support documents for the member landing page on http://www.solavei.com/brandtools.html (Template) and https://support.solavei.com/docs/DOC-1472 (Support Page).   Solavei will host the website for free.  The following is my official Solavei website: http://www.solavei.com/ryanhageman

How Do you Find Interested Signups for this program?

After you have enrolled, the website below has some unique sales leads for people who are interested in business opportunities like offered by Solavei.
Try it out for free today.

I activated my sim card and my iPhone still says no service or invalid SIM but phone has been unlocked, what do I do?

If you back up and restore your iPhone with iTunes and are still not receiving any service please follow these steps:

1. Insert the Solavei SIM card into the iPhone

2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes (Make sure iTunes has an internet connection)

3. Your iPhone should then activate with the Solavei SIM card. You may need to connect and disconnect your iPhone a few times. If you have not completed the back up and restore please see these instructions.http://releasemycode.com/factory-iphone-unlock/

How will you get Paid?

Solavei™ provides their own Visa debit card for your convenience and this is debited on a bi-weekly basis with your latest earnings in the program.


What are the benefits of using the Solavei Visa Debit Card?

When you use your debit card at one of Solavei’s partner stores, for every dollar you spend get a set percentage of money back!  This differs between each partner and has not been made clear how much yet.


What if you are in a contract still with another company?

If you or someone in your network still in contract with another cell company please read the attached file. It explains 3 ways you can deal with this and move on with Solavei. Great ideas and information! Contract Help.

Where can you sign up?

If you are interested in the Solavei™ network and would like to join up, please visit the following web site.

Enroll Now

Solavei Enrollment Process Explaination PDF

Occasionally, Internet page links can stop working. If you find the link is not accessible, then please contact us through the Contact Us page. We can then invite you directly into our membership program at “The Lane.”
The Solavei™ network will shortly be launching their product. You can pre-register before the official launch, but you are not obligated to do so.

Please click the link below for an independent review of Solavei™.