Monthly Service Billing

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Monthly Service Billing

Monthly Service

  • Solavei Members will be billed $49 plus standard taxes and fees monthly for mobile service. The 4G Nationwide Unlimited Voice, Text and Data is a no overage rate plan.
  • The first month’s service charge, along with the Solavei Member Enrollment Fee of $49, is paid at the time a member signs up for Solavei Mobile Service and purchases a Solavei phone and/or SIM.
  • The monthly mobile service charge is due in advance of services. The amount due is to be paid by the due date each month to receive mobile service for the next billing cycle.

Activation and Due Date

  • The activation when occurs a Solavei phone and/or SIM card is received and activated at
  • Members monthly bill will be due each month on the same day as the date of activation.
    • For example, if the mobile service was activated on the 1st of the month the monthly service charge will be due on the 1st of each month going forward as long as the balance is paid on time.
  • The exception is a bill due on the 29th, 30th, or 31st. If the billing day is not available in a given month, the due date will fall on the last calendar day of the month.
    • For example, if the mobile service was activated on March 31st, the next months bill would be due on April 30th as the month of April does not include the 31st.
  • A member’s bill due date is changed only if a member does not pay the amount due by the due date. Mobile service is suspended the morning of the due date if payment is not received. The date that the amount due is paid and mobile service is restored becomes the new due date.
    • For example, if the original due date was the 4th and the balance was not paid until the 7th the next month’s bill would be due on the 7th.

Billing Statement

  • Members have access to view their online monthly billing statement available in the Account section of the Solavei Community.
  • Members will receive a notification 5 days prior to the due date when the billing statement is ready for review.
  • The Solavei bill is a summary of charges and does not include usage or detailed call information.


  • Solavei accepts payments from the following credit or debit cards: Solavei Pay Card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • Members who are not enrolled in AutoPay are able to pay their next month’s bill each month within 5 days of the due date by using the Account section of the Solavei Community or by calling the automated payment system at 1-866-Solavei(1-866-765-2834).
    • Please note that members may only pay the exact amount of the balance owed each month, the balance becomes available for payment 5 days prior to the bill due date.


  • Members may choose to enroll in AutoPay at the time of Activation or at any other time using the Account section of the Solavei Community.
  • Members will receive a reminder notification of the AutoPay payment to be taken 4 days prior to the due date.
  • AutoPay will deduct the amount due 3 days prior to the due date.  If for any reason the AutoPay is not successful, Solavei Members will receive a notification 3 days prior to the due date that a payment is needed by the due date in order to continue their mobile services the following month.

Taxes and Surcharges

  • In addition to the $49 monthly service charge SolaveiMembers will be charged Taxes & Fees and Other Surcharges. These taxes, fees and surcharges are the result of government assessments related to the services that are being provided.
    • Taxes are typically imposed by various jurisdictions directly on the user of the telecommunication services.
    • For example: A sales tax is an imposed tax.
    • Surcharges are charges we collect from Members to help recover costs imposed on Solavei in connection with providing service.
    • Examples of surcharges include: Federal and State USF, regulatory, gross receipts, and other taxes or fees associated with governmental programs. The amounts, and the components used to calculate the Taxes and Surcharges are subject to change and may vary significantly, even with neighboring jurisdictions.

Service Suspension

  • The monthly service charge is due in advance of providing the service each month.
  • If the amount due is not paid by the due date the service will be suspended pending payment.
  • Voicemail is not available when the service is suspended.
    • Calls made to the mobile phone will receive a message that the mobile number is not currently available.
    • Calls made from the mobile phone will be routed to the Solavei automated payment system to allow for a payment to be made to restore the service.
  • Members have 5 days after the due date to make payment and restore service without consequences.
    • If the payment is not made by the 5th day, a $5 fee will be added to the balance owed in order to restore service.
    • Compensation earned during this timeframe will not be paid until the service is restored. For more information see ‘Solavei Detailed Compensation Plan’
  • Solavei Members have 30 days from the due date to make payment before the Solavei Social Membership and mobile service is cancelled. After these 30 days the Solavei Social Membership and mobile service (including any compensation associated with the Social Membership) cannot be reactivated.
  • Solavei Members who want to cancel their mobile service but keep their Solavei Social Membership will have the option to change to a SolaveiSocial Member without Service.
    • Additional details on this option are coming soon.

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